Salvation in the Streets

We are seeing the hand of God move more and more throughout Hong Kong.  On Saturday afternoon, our team of seven had the opportunity to travel and walk throughout the busy streets of Mong Kok.  As we walked, we prayed that God would move powerfully throughout the land, and would draw all people to Himself.  While stopping near a store to pray, Lawrence, Mike, and Andrew noticed a man passing out fliers to people as they passed by.  When he looked at us, he began asking questions.
“Are you part of a church?” he asked.  “Yes,” Mike replied.  “Do you go to church?”  The man, Ravi, began explaining that he went to church, but after more questions we realized that he did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Lawrence began sharing the Gospel with Him, telling him about God’s love and how we can know Him.  The man was very eager and interested, and it seemed that he had been searching for this.  When given the chance to give his life to Jesus, he quickly agreed it was something he wanted to do.  Mike was able to lead him in a prayer of repentance and salvation, and you could see joy fill Ravi’s face as he encountered the King of kings.
After encouraging him a little more, we said goodbye to Ravi and continued on in our adventure throughout Mong Kok.  Pray that God will continue to move in Ravi’s life, and that the Gospel would continue to spread throughout all of Hong Kong.  We are so excited at all that God is doing!