Salvation & Healing for Muslims by God’s love

Nima, a Muslim community in Accra, was one of my favorite places to visit for ministry.  In this section of the city the houses are packed together separated by narrow winding alleys running with sewage.  There are mosques every few blocks and it seems like somewhere there is always a call to prayer going out.
The team had just one hour to see what God wanted to do in Nima, so our ministry small group set off through the alleys asking Holy Spirit where to go.  As we turned a corner and asked the woman sitting in the alley if she spoke English, she pointed at an open door and said “Go in the house.”
Inside the house-complex were several women. Eunice, a believer who we prayed for, was suffering from asthma.  There were also 5 Muslim women sitting, chatting and doing laundry.  Amber, Troy and Jaimie were able to share the gospel clearly with them.  One woman was so ready to receive Jesus she was explaining to the others why they, too, should give their lives to Him and turn away from Islam. When we finally prayed with them, three of the five women wanted to pray!
Before we left, Peter prayed for the group for any sicknesses.  The woman who had been so enthusiastic to become a believer had a baby with a cold- the baby was healed instantly, which was a huge testimony to the other women.  One of the women who hadn’t prayed also received healing for pain in her head!  Jesus is so good to show up and demonstrate His love to Ghana’s Muslims!