Salvation, Healing, Deliverance – Freely Receive, Freely Give

A little bit north of Xai Xai you will find Praia, a quiet village on top of one of the many hills just west of the Indian Ocean coast. The breathtaking view of a cultivated valley below is only surpassed by the starry night sky above. Shooting stars looked like fireworks and were as common as ripe bananas at the local market. In the stillness of night, one can hear the crashing waves of an unseen shore. The backdrop of such a place pales in comparison to its inhabitants. As we worshipped and danced in the evening crusade, children and adults became the starry firework display. Fifty people came forward for salvation while over a dozen people testified of complete physical healing after receiving prayer. Three men were delivered from alcohol addiction. Praia is a city on a hill. Let its light shine on!