Word and Worship Release Salvation and Healings

One of our friends in Jakarta owns a beautiful furniture and upholstry
shop, and holds a weekly Bible study meetings in the back of the
store.  We ministered there last year, and there was much healing and
deliverance.  This year we were expecting an increase – and there
certainly was!  As the Bible study group was doing a series on the end
times, Pastor Mary Pat shared a message about what Heaven is like, and
that being in the end times isn’t a scary thing, but a glorious thing.

Troy and Michelle shared some power-packed healing testimonies, and
Troy even had a word of knowledge for someone with a bad headache.
The woman received prayer for healing and she was
instantly healed of her migrane!  Many more people received their
healings.  One girl came forward with a weakened right leg – for the
past five years, she hadn’t been able to move her right leg after
sitting on the floor – it would just go numb and freeze.  After
prayer, she was encouraged to sit down on the floor and see what God
would do.  After about twenty minutes, she got up suddenly, and
excitedly testified that her leg was completely healed! God is so good.

Read the next post to hear about the Buddist woman who was delivered and saved at this meeting…YAY Jesus!