Salvation for the Weary! Abdominal Pain Disappears!

We went out in our SEALS teams this morning in Heliopolis. We prayed for a mother and her three daughters. The daughters really lit up to hear such touching words and pictures from God! Then we prayed for Anderson’s (one of the children who regularly attends our teaching programs) mother and grandmother. They both received encouragement and Anderson developed an even closer bond with our team.

We also visited houses in City of God in the afternoon. We payed for a family that lives next to the mission house. We released powerful prophetic words over each of her 6 children. Then we talked to a woman who was having issues with her father. One of our team members had a word of knowledge about stomach pains and she said she has had reoccurring abdominal pains for years. The woman said that she felt them leave as we prayed for her! We then talked to a very sweet 12 year old named Victoria. She is the primary caretaker of her broken family and little brothers.  After we talked with her, Victoria received Jesus!