Salvation for 3 Muslim brothers in Abehenease

Ibrahim (Abraham), Jonas, and Yakubu Alhaji each took a bold step of receiving Jesus into their hearts, turning from their family’s Muslim roots to follow the living God. During the invitation for salvation, I saw a young man sitting in front of his house listening to the message. His name is Ibrahim and he wanted to accept the Lord, but he was concerned about what his Muslim parents would say. After being encouraged of the Lord’s love for him and the fact that it is his decision on whether he will follow Christ or not, on his own Ibrahim began repeating the prayer of salvation that was being prayed at the drama site. After accepting the Lord, Ibrahim came over with me to the drama site to be introduced to members of Life Christian Centre. Then, he brought his half-brother Jonas, who also prayed to receive the Lord. When asked if they had any other siblings there, one of their younger brothers came forward and he too prayed to receive Jesus and renounce his former Islamic beliefs. Pastor Mary Pat also prayed over them for freedom and release from all the grips of the enemy and from fear of persecution from their family. They are the first to receive Jesus in their family. They were introduced to the team and we prayed for them that they would be strengthened in their new faith…please pray that our team would have a chance to talk with their parents and that the entire household would be saved.