Salvation, Deliverance, and Healing of the Heart

It began to rain as we were setting up our sound and video equipment for tonight’s crusade in Chihango. As our team started praying for the rain to stop, the rain turned into a light mist and then it completely stopped for the remainder of the night! When we started the Jesus film, only two young boys were present to watch the Jesus film;, however, this soon turned into more than 20 as the movie progressed. As Lawrence gave a clear presentation of life in Christ, 23 people accepted Jesus as their Savior tonight! Then, Jaimie spoke to the crowd about healing and Jo prayed out for those who needed healing. One little girl had a headache and when Pastor Mary Pat laid hands on her to pray, she noticed that her head was very hot and she showed other signs of having an afflicting spirit. After the prayer, the girl was healed and her terrible headache was exchanged for a smile! Pastor Mary Pat then spoke with the girl’s mother, Alisee, and found out that Alisee’s father was a witch doctor and 30 years ago she would help her father train other witches. Since Alisee stopped participating in witchcraft she has had periodic demonic dreams which have caused her to wake up with pain in her body. This morning she woke up with a strong pain in her right arm. After prayer the pain began move toward her fingers. At that point Pastor Mary Pat invited Alisee to personally renounce any past association with witchcraft and to cover her life and heart with the powerful blood of Jesus. After she prayed, the pain and stiffness left completely!

Emotional healing also came today. Jaimie and Jo spoke to a woman who had a baby and was recently separated from her husband. Jaimie shared that earlier on in her parent’s marriage, they had received restoration of their marriage and Jesus brought them closer together. Jaimie prayed with the woman to help her forgive her husband and to remove any anger from her heart. Afterwards, the woman cried on Jaimie’s shoulder and she felt so relieved and has a new hope to seek restoration of their marriage. Thank You, Lord!