Salvation at School

Our team experienced extreme favor one afternoon as we set out in SEALS groups for ministry throughout Catuane.  Pastor Mary Pat, Ashley, Darlene, Spencer, and Bethany were able to minister to a large group of children, after the headmaster released them from their classes to hear the Gospel message and receive from our team.  At first, the headmaster said he would not be able to release the children, as he would have to get permission from his supervisors.  He also stated that many of the parents would be upset with him, as a lot of the children come from Muslim families.  We saw the Lord miraculously change his heart in a matter of minutes, and he allowed all of the children from different buildings and rooms to join us outside.  We quickly set up a puppet stage, and began sharing the love of Jesus with the children.

We presented the Gospel message and shared the Father’s love with them.  When we asked the children if they wanted to receive Jesus, 75 of them raised their hands and prayed with us.  We encouraged them to keep seeking the Lord, and also encouraged them in their studies and thanked the headmaster.  He replied, “I just couldn’t say no!”  Praise God for His favor and faithfulness!