Salvation and Hope

Before a crusade, we were able to intercede for what God was doing in that area. As we were praying, we saw a rainbow in the sky. Dani and Andy were able to go to different houses inviting people to come to the crusade that night, while the group was back at our tents praying. When Andy and Dani were done praying for a dying lady,named Ernesta, they saw the same rainbow that those praying saw. The next day our whole group was able to go to Ernesta’s house to pray for her healing. She was able to speak the name of Jesus where before she was not able to speak. During our intense time of prayer, Ernesta died in front of us while many in the group were receiving words and visions. Our faith was increased during this time to what God wanted to do in people’s lives. We felt after five hours of prayer, that it was time to leave although she did not raise from the dead. We knew that God wanted to turn around a hard situation and use it for His good. That same night, we unexpectedly had the opportunity to minister to Ernesta’s family. Pastor Mary Pat was able to share the gospel with at about twenty members of Ernesta’s family. They all raised their hands and prayed to receive Jesus in their lives. What a privilege to see the greatest miracle come to Ernesta’s family members!