Salvation and Healing Outbreak

For our second crusade, the team was excited to reconnect with our friend and translator Lazarus. This year we learned that he has become a pastor of a church in the Palmeira region. God poured out His presence and power through our team as we presented drama, dance, and showed the Jesus film at Pastor Lazarus’ church. After the film, Pastor Mary Pat shared a powerful salvation message and Jaimie led 60 people in a fiery prayer to give their lives to Jesus. One man came to the front and fell to his knees during the prayer. Afterwards, he shared with the crowd that he had gotten divorced one month ago and had much heartache, but after the prayer, he felt peace. We had many healings, including back, body, and foot pain. The night ended on a high note, as we witnessed a man who had been blind since he was a little child begin to see light for the first time! We are trusting that we will soon hear a testimony of the completion of the healing.