Salvation and Healing in Nhabete

After last night’s crusade, word began to spread throughout the surrounding community and we saw a 50% increase in the crowd from last night’s! The whole team stepped out in new fervor as we did the dramas and dances. Then, it paid off as 52 people responded to Justin’s and Jaimie’s message of salvation. People from all walks of life (children, young men, and older women) said “Yes” to Him tonight!

That new life overflowed into our healing time as Ashley spoke about Jesus’ desire to give us everything we need for our bodies. She prayed over the crowd and many came up to testify of their healings! A woman with back pain for two months was completely free! Two high school-aged kids that stepped out from their large crowd of friends to respond to the salvation call also received a healing. The one had leg pain for four months and the other could not move his arm very well. After the prayer, both came up and showed the crowd how they could now move without pain. Praise God!!