Round Two – More Freedom in Zonguene

The team remained in Zonguene on Friday and spent the morning soaking in God’s presence. Some remained in their tents while others ventured out to find a tree stump or patch of grass. The warm sun, slight breeze, and picturesque backdrop of African huts and palm trees made for the perfect setting to reflect on the goodness of God and hear Him speak to each of us! The team then came together for a precious time of communion and sharing our hearts. Chickens pecked the ground around us as we sat in the shade of a cashew tree breaking bread and discussing various passages of the Bible. It was a revelatory and unifying time for the team! This poured into another crusade and showing of the Jesus Film. Much of the crowd was present the night before and had already received Jesus, but Troy shared the Gospel and 3 more gave their lives to Jesus! Seven people then came forward for deliverance and 11 people prayed out to forgive others for offenses in their hearts. Also, many were healed of headaches and pain in their stomachs and bodies.