River of Life – Verbo Vivo Tucuruvi

In the evening, the team united with both Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Bill at the Verbo Vivo church’s main location in Tucuruvi. The service started out with earnest sweet worship. However, the sound system soon lost power and it being a large building, the worship team could not be heard. This didn’t stop the people. They cried out in one accord, “Santo, Santo, Santo” (Holy Holy Holy) – beautiful worship ascending to heaven. The church then broke out to pray for each other in small groups. Many of our team members released the spirit of joy over the people around them, with many church members receiving “Jesus On You”. The sound system then came back and the worship team restarted – BOOM! Hundreds of young adults flooded to the front to worship God in powerful unity. No one seemed to care that the air conditioning system wasn’t working either, as Jesus was the main focus. Pastor Bill released a word about finding protection in the Strong Tower. Pastor Mary Pat then gave a compelling message about encountering God’s love in a deeper measure in the Ezekiel 47 river of life. At the end, hundreds of people of all ages rushed to the front and laid before the Lord to receive His fiery love deeper still. Many healing and miracles were released as the night went on. One man who had glaucoma in his left eye and a tumor in his right eye for 3 years testified that all pain and pressure left after prayer. A woman with gastritis, depression, and anxiety for 5 years said that the pain in her stomach left, and she felt an emotional weight lift off of her. Her son also received healing for a sore throat he had for 3 days. Another woman suffered from intense perspiration and intestinal problems for 10 years. Pastor Mary Pat sensed that she needed to forgive someone, and after she prayed out to forgive that person, all of the pain and sweating stopped! God truly poured out His glory at Verbo Vivo church.