Revival Fire Released in the Church!

Saturday evening the team had an opportunity to share with a community of youth at a large local church.  Pastor Bill released a message on the Father’s heart sharing the destiny that each person has in the presence of the Lord. Each person was then given the opportunity to receive a prophetic word from a team member.  Holy Spirit poured out His fresh anointing as each person was touched by an encouraging word from their Father who loves them deeply.

Sunday morning at the main service of this church, Pastor Bill preached a powerful message about standing on the promises of God’s written and spoken word over our life. Pastor Mary Pat shared healing testimonies in order to stir up the faith in the room then prayed corporately for the Holy Spirit to release His healing touch. As people were encouraged to come forward some began to share testimonies of healing.

Jason, the gentlemen who picked the team up upon arriving in Singapore testified that his knee was healed after many years of pain and soreness. Another lady testified of being healed of back pain. As Pastor Mary Pat began to wrap up the service Pastor Francis made a charge to the church to respond to what Holy Spirit was doing in that moment. As the people came forward to receive an impartation for healing the Holy Spirit began to move in a more powerful way. People began to weep with tears of Joy and Holy Spirit began to do something new in their hearts. One man who came forward with a cane was able to demonstrate the power of God by walking across the room several times holding the cane over his head. People were touched and filled as they received from the Holy Spirit.