Revival Fire Poured Out During Church Service

Tonight we visited a local church in Sao Paulo.  The pastor is good friends with Pastor Dirceu, and in past years he has invited Frontline to preach and minister there.  This night we were joined by Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat who had just arrived in Brazil the day before.  Pastor Bill and Mike led worship, then Pastor Mary Pat released a powerful message from Isaiah 35. The message itself was clearly supported by God’s Presence because at one point, as Pastor Mary Pat was speaking passionately about the need for more of God to rise up within us, she and her translator, Ines, were speaking simultaneously!  Inez was supernaturally receiving and translating what Pastor Mary Pat was calling out without having to hear the actual words!

After the message, Pastor Mary Pat gave a call for anyone who wanted more of the God’s fire within them to raise their hand.  The team was then asked to move about the congregation, praying for those with raised hands.  Many powerful words of prophecy were given during this time of one-on-one ministry.  Holy Spirit fell on the church in a powerful way as several fell to the floor, many were weeping, and a number of very specific words were released.

A Portuguese business man (John) was prayed over and began to cry as love and power were released by God through our team. Another businessman (Ricardo), whose business had recently collapsed leaving him in a state of emotional despair, received very encouraging words about forgiveness and restoration.  An elderly gentleman (Ray) heard from God that in this next season of life God is empowering him with a ministry of prophetic intercession.  And a 16 year old girl who had never experienced Holy Spirit before, fell to the ground and felt an electrical “tingling” in her body from head to toe.  She got up beaming with joy, having been touched by Holy Spirit!