Revival Fire in Manado!!

God’s Kingdom Government

Over the years, it has become apparent that God has equipped Frontline Ministries with a governmental anointing.  In many of the nations Frontline travels to, the Lord has strategically connected us with governmental entities on local, regional, and national levels, both to share the Father’s love with these individuals so that they may be equipped to serve the public with God’s heart of compassion, and to work with these officials to release God’s Kingdom strategy on how those in positions in authority can best utilize their power and resources to benefit and engage the community.  This is all to see God’s Kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

As such, this year, one of our Jakarta friends and ministry contacts arranged for Frontline to do both a series of two seminars and two revival meetings on the island of Manado.  The Mayor of Manado, a strong Christian, has a vision for all city and regional officials, educators, and other public servants to come to a seminar hosted by Frontline, so that they could all “receive the same vision” on how to serve in their various positions rooted and grounded in a genuine relationship with God.  So the Mayor had personally and strongly urged ALL city and regional officials and public servants to attend our conference!

Wow!  What an opportunity to establish God’s Kingdom purpose and promises for an entire region.

An Official Welcome

Our team was greeted at the airport by “the Committee” – a dynamic group of local officials working together to help facilitate Frontline Ministries’ symposium and revival meetings while in Manado.  Among those on the committee were the mayor’s wife and daughter, the director of culture and tourism, to the consulor to the Phillippines, a number of area pastors, and many more influential persons.  We were greatly impressed all who had come together to help facilitate and pour into what God was going to do this weekend in Manado.   After a delicious seafood lunch, the team toured the facilities with the Committee, making preparations for the next two days of seminars and revival meetings.