Resurrection Celebration – Heliopolis Favela

Resurrection Sunday (Easter) is next week so we had a Resurrection Celebration today in the Heliopolis favela. The youth and children came to the mission center for the afternoon. Pastor Bill opened our time with some worship. A team of the children and youth under Tiana┬┤s direction performed a skit depicting the Gospel from the creation of the world all the way to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The children watched closely as the team demonstrated how man was separated from God and how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit moved in unison to bring about the redemption of Jesus. Jesus walked the earth and healed the lame and the blind. Most of the children flooded up onto the stage and prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. The children were given ribbons to use during worship and they began to wave them around as they joined Pastor Bill in singing. Pastor Mary Pat explained to the children that they had entered into new life in Jesus. Each child was given a chocolate Easter egg to remind them of the new life that Jesus had given them. Thank You, Lord, for hearts and lives being touched in the favela!