Rescued Children Receiving more of the Father’s Love

At last, we are back visiting Redemption’s Children’s home. The majority of the children have been rescued from child trafficking and the child sex industry. It is such a privilege to be here ministering and loving on these precious children. We had already met some of the children last year, while others have been rescued more recently. It is amazing how much some of them have grown up since we saw them last.

Much to the delight of the children, Adam, Eve, the snake, and several other puppets showed up in the children’s home. Along with some human assistance, the puppets acted out the creation of man, the glory of the garden, the fall of man, and the coming of the Savior who would redeem and restore mankind to our original glory. As each puppet was interviewed, the children gained a clearer understanding of the great love the Father has for each one of them and how to enter into a relationship with the Father through Jesus. At the end, 30 of the children prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord! Thank You Lord for not only saving these children from slavery, but also for bringing them into a saving relationship with Jesus!