Receiving Father´s Embrace, Hearts Touched, Lives Changed

Tonight, Pastor Bill went to Cristo Vive in Valinhas, Sao Paulo to minister at Pastor Rui´s church. Pastor Bill shared testimonies and scripture revealing the true heart of our good Father. Imparting the Father´s heart is something that the Father has called Pastor Bill to do around the world. Using many illustrations, Pastor Bill encouraged the congregation that our Father is so near and that our relationship with Him is not like walking on a tight rope. On a tight rope, there is much pressure to perform or you will fall and be hurt. With the Father, He loves us so much and is always for us so we serve out of love, not performance. Even the people in the balcony were leaning forward intently to capture God´s heart. At one point, the congregation was so touched by the Lord that they broke into a loud cheer that lasted for over 1 1/2 minutes! Pastor Bill began to sing the song of the Father over the church. With tears pouring down their faces, many people demonstrated on their countenance the joy and relief of being a son/daughter of their good Father. Healing prayer was offered as well and many people received a touch from the Lord. At the end, Pastor Rui came forward to give him a big bear hug and thank him for the word of life that had been released. His congregation prayed for Pastor Bill as well. Sons and daughters of our Father have a much greater impact for the Kingdom than servants. Thank You, Lord, for open hearts to receive tonight!