Ragpicker children coming to Jesus

Precious.  Each child is so precious to the Father.  It is hard to imagine what it would be like to grow up as a ragpicker in India. Without hope, these people collect and sort through trash, trying to find recyclables to bring in some income.  But the young ones in one community of Haryana, India, are offered hope of a better future. Pastor Rohit and his wife live among and minister to the ragpickers and the Hindus that live in this slum area. Offering free schooling to ragpicker children in the morning and tutoring to children of the poor in the afternoon has opened up the hearts of many to the Good News of Jesus. In just under 2 years, over a 100 Hindus have committed their lives to Jesus and more are being drawn to the Father’s heart.  Thank You Lord for drawing the hearts of the lost to You!