Puppets, Peace, and Prayer Walking

Waking up to a peaceful African village was simply glorious this morning. Spending a couple of hours with the Lord while taking turns bucket showering under the sun really refreshed and energized our team. In the afternoon, most of the team was able to spend time with the children. Though apprehensive at first, they warmed up to us as we gave them a chance to play with bubbles. Their interest was especially piqued when we brought out the puppets, and they listened intently as we acted out the story of Creation. We then grabbed a frisbee to toss around with them until it was time to go out to nearby huts to invite people to our crusade. Splitting into 2 groups, we covered a lot of ground and got to pray for many people as we went. The time proved to be very fruitful, as a number of them showed up for the crusade, which we were excited to see!