Pulled out of darkness – a transformed life

We met Kenneth at a crusade in Ghana in 2001 when he was 15 years old. At 8 years of age, Kenneth had lost his hearing due to a botched surgical procedure to remove a growth from inside his right ear. Around this same time his father passed away. His father had accepted Christ when Kenneth was young and his mother was a believer. However, after his father passed, his mother was tormented by familiar spirits from which she was eventually delivered. During the Crusade in 2001, Kenneth received 3 amazing miracles. First, when the call was given for people to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, Kenneth came forward and invited Jesus into his heart. Immediately following, the call was given for people to receive prayer for physical healing. He was prayed for and instantly began to hear out of his right ear. He began to cry because of the miracle his new Savior had given him. Immediately after the crusade, one of the team members prayed with him to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He prayed and immediately was filled with the Spirit and began to pray in tongues.

Over the past 9 years, Kenneth has been growing strong in the Lord and attending the Kumasi Branch of Life Christian Centre, FMI’s sister ministry in Ghana. He has been faithful to the Lord to press into Jesus and to serve in whatever way God led. During this time Kenneth went to college and got a degree in developmental planning.
This summer, Kenneth, now 24, has joined the FMI team in Northern Ghana. He has had many opportunities to share his testimony of salvation and healing. Following is what Kenneth would like to share with you:

“Beyond God saving my life and healing me, FMI Missions 2010 Ghana has been a continuing flow of divine blessing from above. God has placed me in a family that is, the FMI family, by connecting us spiritually and manifesting this physically. This time is a treasure to me because my spiritual eyes are being enlightened to see God in a different perspective, understanding God’s love and will for my life. I believe God has more in store. Now I know God not only saves us and heals us; but He also gives us a wonderful gift–His family.”