Prophetic Release for Casa de Jesus

Tonight was the last opportunity for our full team to minister at Casa de Jesus during this mission trip. Pastor Mary Pat gave an encouraging and challenging message about stepping into and receiving from Holy Spirit with a pure heart. This pure heart of humility brings us to a place of intimacy that allows our spiritual ears to be very sensitive to the voice of Holy Spirit. Through this, we will receive words, visions, and dreams that are straight from the Father and bring such a prophetic release into the lives around us. Many responded to the message and the call for purity and humility. As people streamed up to the front, Pastor Mary Pat received clear prophetic words for many of them while Pastor Bill was singing prophetically over them. It was quite obvious that this release was stirring up the hearts of all those who were present. We so love our family here at Casa de Jesus…God has connected us here for a lifetime of fruitful relationships.