Prayer Walking and Power Evangelism

Our team has had the opportunity to spend two days in downtown Hong Kong, praying over the land and evangelizing on the streets.  Today, we were able to split into two SEALS groups (small ministry teams) and walk throughout the town of Mong Kok.  As we were praying, we asked the Lord to show us pictures of people he wanted to touch that day.  We wrote down four impressions that we had, with the first being of a woman wearing a red vest, with gray hair, who was also short and hunched over.  We felt that she needed healing of some kind.  After praying more together, we continued walking down the street.

Our eyes were searching the people in the crowds, looking for those we felt the Lord wanted to touch.  All of a sudden, we saw a woman wearing a red vest, being led down the street by two younger woman.  She was older, had gray hair, and was short and hunched over.  “That’s her!” we said to one another, and began to talk over to her to see if we could pray for her.

The woman’s daughter spoke English, and indicated that they were on their way to the doctor’s office because her mother had Alzheimer’s disease.  When we explained that we were Christians and wanted to pray for her, she became very excited.  She said her mother was Buddhist, but that she herself was a Christian and had been praying for her mother to receive Jesus.

We walked down to a corner, where we were able to stop and talk with this woman.  As I looked in her eyes, I told her that Jesus loved her, and how He had died on a cross for her sins.  She nodded in understanding.  When I asked her if she would like to receive Jesus, she quickly agreed.  Though she was unable to speak out very much, she was able to express “Jesus forgive me.”  Her daughter indicated that she was unable to speak in long sentences.  Later, however, the woman began speaking very quickly, and the daughter told us that she was saying, “I know that Jesus loves me very much.”

We were very excited and encouraged after talking with this woman.  Salvation is the biggest miracle of all, and we were able to see how much God loved this woman as He divinely orchestrated our connection.  Praise God for moving mightily on behalf of this precious woman in Hong Kong!