Prayer Time in the Camaradas

Last year we were able to minister to the children at Zimpeto by washing their feet and teaching them about the Father’s love. This year, we again had a special time in the childrens’ dorms (camaradas). The guys spent some time worshipping with the boys and praying with them individually. The ladies had a special time with the girls. Many of the children are currently on holiday break, visiting family members. The girls that remained at the center (about 30) were the ones who had no stable family members to visit. We were able to minister to all of them individually. We began by speaking to them about their places as princesses in the Kingdom, as they are daughters of the King. We performed the worship dance A Little Longer for them, then drew their attention to a chair that was symbolically placed as a throne where they could hear from their Father God. We put on soaking music as we invited each of them to come forward and meet with their Father. As they sat in the chair, we laid hands on each girl and prophetically prayed for them. It was wonderful to see how some of the girls wanted to linger in the chair and receive more from God.