Prayer for paralysis of legs

While waiting for the full team to come to the bus after our drama presentation and prayers for salvations, Dani spotted a woman named Gladys in front of a shop.  She had leg braces on both legs and two crutches to help her walk.  We knew she needed prayer so Troy asked her if she would like to come on the bus with us and go to the church here in Komey, Togo. After our service at Pastor Richard’s church, we began praying for healing for many and had many healings.  MP began praying for Gladys and her healing.  The Holy Spirit touched her and she layed on the ground for some time with some deliverance as more prayer was offered for her healing.  She is 33 years old, has had this problem for ten years after some serious illness.  MP asked her if she would like to take the braces off and see how her legs felt.  She said yes since she was already feeling some sensations of tingling and heat in her legs and feet.  She could wiggle her toes.  She took her braces off and two of our men helped her stand.  She couldn’t stand on her own but noticed a difference.  We encouraged her to continue to look for the healing and believe that God was going to finish the healing that He started already.  We drove her home and continue to pray for a complete change in her legs.