Please Pray for Pauline

Earlier this week we were introduced to Pauline. She is from a “far, far village” and was brought here by her mother, who heard a testimony of someone being healed of what appeared to be an unstable mental state at last year’s Kingdom Bible School (KBS).  About a year ago, Pauline had a demonic encounter with “dwarfs” chasing her and has been a “mad woman” ever since. She has hardly spoken, has had violent outbreaks, and would try to pinch or grab anyone that came near her. Because of her behavior, she was brought to the school with shackles around her ankles.  Upon meeting her and through multiple barriers we led her through a salvation prayer and since have been praying for her each day.   We have been seeing progressive breakthrough!  Her mother testified that since receiving prayer this week, Pauline is talking much more, is much calmer, has not been violent in any way, and has even been smiling. In fact, she noticed such a change that Thursday morning we removed the shackles! We are still contending for the full restoration of her mind – please partner with us in prayer.