A Place of Peace and Rest in City of God

This afternoon at City of God was an exciting one. While the painters kept going with their artistic vision for the FMI Centro de Adoracao, the rest of the team and our amazing contacts and translators ministered to the children in the church. Our final impartation about God their Healer, “Bom Pai meu Curador” and also did a recap of the other impartations. Denny led the day and Tiana did another fantastic job getting the children involved in the Bible story of the day. Every kid who came to the worship center received a “vision book” for them to write or draw the encounters that they have with God during soaking times. Today, our little buddy Gabriel, who usually doesn’t like to sit still and often distracts the other children, remained calm and focused as he¬†drew a picture of a beautiful home with a heart in the sky next to it. We have seen a lot of breakthrough for Gabriel this week and believe he is beginning to see the worship center as his “safe place/home”. We know the Lord has big plans for his life, as He does for all of the children here, and we are overjoyed to be imparting to these precious ones!