Persecuted Church Hungry for the Word

Can you imagine a city of 600,000 people with only one Christian church? If you look at a city the same size in the United States, you could go to a different church every day of the year and still not visit each one. Here in Northern India, we were privileged to meet with and share the Word of God with the 65 members of this one church. That is about 1 member for every 9,000 citizens in their city. The pastor has already been beaten 6 times for sharing the Good News of Jesus! Recently, he spent many days in the hospital recovering from wounds inflicted on him by his attackers.

Yet, these fearless saints welcomed us into their home knowing that they may experience even more persecution just for having foreigners in their house. They are so hungry for more of God! Men, women, and children sat on the ground listening intently as Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat ministered from the Bible, prayed blessing over them, and encouraged them in their love and perseverance for the Lord. Several prophetic words were released over members of the church. They were encouraged to know that God has been pouring out revival fire over India.

One elderly woman came up to Pastor Bill and asked for prayer. She wanted to be used by the Lord even though she had only recently received Jesus. Her prayer was that God would still use her even though she was now old. Pastor Bill encouraged her that it was not too late and to reach out with His love. It was very touching to see the genuine concern that she had for many years wasted, but it was also encouraging to know that she wants to make the most out of her coming years of faith.