Pastor’s Conference in Rajahmundry

(Rajahmundry) Emmanuel Church Ministries, led by Pastor T. Devadanam and his wife Suneetha, hosts thirty area pastors each month for 2-3 days of teaching, prayer, and encouragement.  In some cases, these pastors have travelled several hours to participate in the training.  We were able to visit several of their village churches prior to the conference.  Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat were honored to be the guest speakers for this event.  Pastor Bill encouraged these leaders to continue focusing on doing things God’s way rather than man’s way – God can defeat enemy armies in one moment while we try to attack one enemy at a time.  He also exhorted them to walk in oneness with their wives in doing the work of the Lord; recongizing and honoring their wives’ callings and anointings. Pastor Mary Pat shared on the Gospel of the Kingdom and how to do “even greater things” that Jesus said His followers would do. Overall, the pastors were challenged to walk as children of the King and partake in the miracles of God.

One pastor saw an image of an evil spirit in his house and didn€™t know what to do about it. Pastor Mary Pat helped him understand how to walk in his authority in the spiritual realm, telling the evil to go.  The Lord spoke to another pastor that he would be seeing more miracles in his church after the time of impartation.