Pastor’s Conference in Chillakallu

(Chillakallu)  We have been excited to meet and spend time with the pastors here who work with IPCC.  Overall there are 475 pastors, each overseeing 2-4 branch churches.  There are 17 different areas in which they minister.  For this particular conference, pastors were invited from three areas with the farthest away traveling up to six hours by train or bus to attend.  Approximately 70 pastors attended.

Pastor Phillip Papabithini, who carries the apostolic anointing and covering for IPCC, shared the powerful testimony of his salvation to open the conference.  Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat exhorted the Indian pastors, laying a foundation of who they are in Christ, encouraging them to grow in faith by receiving the Father’s love and becoming sons and daughters of the King.

Throughout the three day conference we saw a fresh visitation from Holy Spirit.  Each session was different, but typically we began with Indian and American led worship followed by Pastor Bill and/or Pastor Mary Pat teaching.  It was amazing to see and experience such unity in the spirit as we worshiped the Lord together!  Several times the Holy Spirit fell powerfully on all present as we entered into high worship.

Pastor Bill sang prophetically over the Indian pastors on several occasions.  We even had a spontaneous worship time that led into fresh impartation as each pastor was anointed with oil and commissioned.  The pastors were hungry for the meat of the Word as Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat were used by God to shed new light in their hearts.  The following are just a few of the testimonies shared by the pastors throughout the conference:

One night during the conference a pastor dreamed about a cobra biting him on the neck, after this demonic encounter he had back pain that prevented him from sleeping.  His pain was completely healed after prayer!

Another pastor came to the conference weighed down with many problems, but he testified at the end that the Lord had encouraged his heart and removed his burdens.

A special prayer service was held for Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat at the end of the conference.  More details to follow soon!