Weapons of Joy & Faith – Igreja Manancial Profético

On Sunday morning, Pastor Bill joined by Carly, Stephanie, and Denny, went on an excursion to a new church, Manancial Profético, or “Prophetic Fountain.” An amazing Brazilian worship team got the atmosphere prepared for what the Lord wanted to release.  Pastor Bill gave a message about fighting the enemy with joy and faith, especially in the middle of the storm.  He shared the testimony of believing in faith for himself and Pastor Mary Pat when they were both healed of malaria and many other examples of the Lord’s goodness.  Pastor Bill prayed out for physical and emotional healing at the end of the message as the team members prayed for members of the congregation.  During that time one woman shared that it deeply touched her and she felt the immense peace of the Lord that she hasn’t felt in two years. As she dedicated her heart to the Lord anew, she experienced the love of God in a way that she has never experienced before. Another woman who has been suffering from a physical ailment for many years was greatly encouraged by hearing Pastor Bill’s message and song. She felt strengthened in her heart to fight the enemy with joy and faith. It was a morning of strength and encouragement from the Lord.