Passport to Missions Miracle

Thursday night, Pastor Mary Pat was praying for a miracle concerning Dani’s passport.

She asked if there was anything I could do to help since I happen to work for FedEx.
I agreed to help and even though I was missing the final Cleveland CAVS game!

As I was checking into things, I started to really feel compassion for Dani and her situation and saw that God wanted to take her to Africa.

On Saturday, the passport arrived from South Carolina. I then took it to Kinko’s and shipped it first overnight to the Passport and Visa agency in Ashburn Virginia. A man by the name of Victor was going to pick up the package at 8am and then drive it to the Embassy of Ghana.

We set up a shipment, IN FAITH, that a FedEx courier would pick up the passport from the Ghana Embassy at 12:00pm EST and expedite it to the Chicago O’Hare Intl. airport. The team would be flying from Cleveland to Chicago and their flight to Ghana, West Africa would be leaving at 5:40pm.

This was a very unusual and bizarre shipment, but it was our only option. We were trusting the Lord for a miracle.

On Monday morning, the passport arrived to the Passport and Visa agency for Victor to pick up. However, the courier got there too early and Victor hadn’t arrived. So the courier took it back to a local station and left a note saying they would deliver at 2pm.

2pm was obviously way too late in order to get the passport to Chicago on time which would allow Danni to go to Africa.

I called FedEx at 8:30 am seeing if they could go back to the Passport agency right then. They said they could do it by 10:30am.

They ended up going back to the agency at 10:15am and dropped off the package. Victor picked it up and took it to the Embassy of Ghana, 30 minutes away.

Victor arrived at the Embassy of Ghana around 11:00am… He had to go through the application process.

At 11:45am I called Victor to see how the visa was coming. He said they told him that they couldn’t get to it until 2:00pm. He then said, “Why don’t you talk to them?”

So I called the operator and she said I would have to call back or talk to somebody else. So I tried calling back again and I couldn’t get through this time. At this point, I felt like giving up because it seemed too impossible for something like this to work. Everything in the natural told me it wasn’t going to work.

I called Victor back and asked if there was someone right there close to him that I could speak to. He handed the phone to a Ghanaian agent. I asked him if they could stamp the visa right then and there since it was 11:55 am, 5 minutes before the FedEx courier would be picking it up.

He said “No.” You will have to wait until 2pm. Now I really felt hopeless. But all of a sudden, I had remembered how I had observed Pastor Mary Pat in similar situations where she wouldn’t take no for an answer and God would move on her behalf. Then my spirit rose up inside of me and I said, “We don’t have that kind of time. We cannot accept 2:00 because a FedEx courier will be picking it up at 12:00p. Please try to do it now. Do whatever you have to do. It is for a young girl who is trying to go to Ghana and she won’t be able to go unless this is done now.”

In the meantime, I’m asking God in my heart to move this mountain and others are praying also.

He then said, “Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

10 minutes go by. “Are they done yet Victor?” I asked him.

He said “No. The FedEx guy is here now.”

I said “Can you put him on the phone please?”

I asked the FedEx guy if he could come back in 30 minutes since I didn’t know how long this would take. He said as long as he had it in 30 minutes, he could get it to Reagan airport in Washington D.C. before the scheduled 2:35pm flight departure time to Chicago airport.

15 minutes later, Victor called me back and said, “I have the passport!” This was a huge miracle!

The courier came back and picked it up. He said he would call me once he got it to Reagan airport.

About another 30 minutes later, the courier called me back and said “Everything is on-time, except that they are cancelling several flights going west because of severe thunderstorms. Hopefully this one won’t cancel on you.”

I said, “Wonderful.” So I called Pastor MP and asked her to pray against the storm. She and Peter were at Friendly’s lifting up their hands praying. After they prayed, a song came over the ceiling speakers that said “You’ve got your miracle.” ┬áHaha. God has a sense of humor indeed!

As they were praying, I was monitoring the flight online at United Airline’s website and on Flight 621, the flight that the passport would be on, was still on-time for departure at 2:35pm. I would keep refreshing the page to see when it was actually in the air. It finally left the ground at 2:55pm. It would arrive in Chicago at 3:48pm, just less than two hours before the team would leave for Ghana.

At 3:46pm, the passport arrived at Chicago O’Hare Int. airport. It would take some time for it to get offloaded from the plane.

Around 5:15pm (CST), Pastor Mary Pat was on the phone with Pastor Bill, who got to Chicago with the rest of the team an hour or so before. Apparently, the air bill was incorrectly filled out by the courier who took the package to Reagan airport in Washington D.C. Because of this, the people offloading the plane would not give the passport to Pastor Bill.

Once again, we prayed for God to move a mountain, and sure enough, He did.
As they were still on the phone, Pastor Bill told Pastor Mary Pat, “They’re giving it to me!” and then hung up the phone.

He had to run across the airport to a bus/train and ride 5 terminals over to get to where Dani was.

In the meantime, we didn’t know what the outcome was, if he made it or not. Then Pastor Mary Pat called Pastor Bill, and he said, “Yeah, I’m just sitting here with my feet propped up waiting for them to open the gate.” ┬áHe got it there just in time and Dani was able to check in.

They boarded the plane and headed to Ghana, West Africa and are there right now.
God is so good and we love it when He moves in such powerful ways. Glory to Him always!