Passion and Fire in Hong Kong’s Youth

Our team has been greatly encouraged and blessed by the youth in Hong Kong.  Whether we are meeting with them on the streets or in a church, we see an evident passion in their lives for Jesus.  Many of the students we have been talking with are the only Christians in their family, and are firmly committed to following Jesus with their whole lives.  On Saturday afternoon, we were able to attend their youth service and participate in cell groups.  It is an honor to worship with these youth, knowing that our hearts are united by our Father in Heaven.  The worship and message were very powerful, and all who attended were challenged to serve God in all they do.  During the service, Theresa and Jill were able to share testimonies of what God has done in their lives and how they have seen Him move in Hong Kong.
The youth service is held every Saturday, with cell groups following.  Cell groups are small, gender specific groups that meet to share what God is doing in individual hearts.  The students share about their lives, and they are able to encourage one another and pray for each other.  The youth leaders, Stephen and Mandi, divided our team up to join in on different cell groups.  In each group, we were able to share with the students, praying with them and encouraging them in the Lord.  In each of the cell groups, the students ended up praying for all of us.  It was so exciting to be able to spend this time with our brothers and sisters in Christ from the other side of the world.