Outpouring at a Youth Meeting

During the course of the Father’s Heart and Healing Conference, one of the church leaders invited our team to share at an I-Hope youth meeting later that evening.  Of course, we were delighted to entertain a last minute ministry appointment, as God is all about new opportunities!

The youth led us all in some very energized worship, and many (including the team) were dancing joyfully in the presence of the Lord.  Lawrence, Jaimie, and Michelle imparted what Holy Spirit put on their hearts for this precious group of teens.  We shared about the importance of worship.  First, Lawrence shared about how worship can release Kingdom destiny into our lives and the lives of those around us, sharing about the life of David and how his fervent and passionate worship to the Lord released great blessing.

Then, Michelle shared a word she received from the Lord about the youth fellowship entering into a new level of spiritual warfare through worship – that they would see strongholds broken in their own lives and in their communities.  She laid hands on the worship leader and released a prophetic word about purity of heart.  Jaimie shared a heart-felt word about worshipping God at all costs, no matter the circumstance.  She released prophetic worship over the group, and then transferred the microphone to the youth fellowship’s worship leader, who sang out with new fervor and anointing.  It was an amazing time of prophetic release and blessing for these passionate fireballs for the Kingdom!