Outbreak of Healings and Fire in Braganca Paulista

Comunidade da Graca (Community of Grace) is located in Braganca Paulista outside of Sao Paulo. Once more, Frontline has had the opportunity to minister in this special church. We really love the heart of Pastor Marcos and his wife, Mirian, and feel very much like we are part of their family. Pastor Mary Pat ministered here in 2005 and many miracles took place. Then, Troy and Rachel were able to preach at this church in 2007 with the Lord showing up once more with signs and wonders. Today, Troy was able to go back and share what God has been doing in Frontline and release a prophetic word over the church.

In the Spirit, Troy saw a bottle of champagne being shaken up. As the cork was removed, the contents of the bottle exploded out. The Lord spoke to Troy that He has been doing a mighty stirring in this church and now was the time for a release of His joy and power to explode in this church. Unbeknownst to Troy, the church had just baptized 26 people in the morning and today was the last day of a 21 day fast so they really had been stirred up to receive. In an animated way, Troy shared how Caleb had a different spirit and went after the best God had to offer despite the circumstances of life. As Troy began to preach with great translation from Pastor Sinval, the Lord began to move in the congregation. People received prayer for hearts for the nations, for evangelism, and for simply desiring more intimacy from the Lord. By a word of knowledge, Troy called up those who had problems with their feet and the Lord began to heal many. One older man had a bandage around his ankle and had been suffering from a lot of pain in his ankle/foot for the past year. After prayer, he testified that all the pain left and he was now able to flex his ankle which he couldn´t do before. Another young boy had injured his foot while skateboarding last year and had constant pain and tightness in his one toe. After prayer, Troy and him ran all the way down the aisle and back again and there was no more pain! One woman reported that a growth on her chest the size of an olive disappeared after being present for the past 5 months. Three people received healing from throat problems when Israel, who had experienced a healing in 2007 of his throat, the worship leader prayed over them. After the youth were prayed over for increased hunger for the Lord and for a release of encounters with the Lord, Troy had the youth go out and pray for everyone in the congregation. A woman who had already received healing in her feet, testified that a marble-sized mass that had been present for over 2 years in her breast disappeared while the youth were praying here! The Lord released many prophetic words and pictures over those present and Pastor Marcos was able to confirm many of them. Another woman with 50% hearing loss in one ear received her healing as Pastor Sinval tested her. Another two received increase in their eyesight. It was simply an amazing time of outpouring here in Braganca. May the Lord receive all the Glory!