Outbreak of Freedom in Worship at the Boy’s Home

Our team spent Tuesday ministering at Redemption.  There were just under 40 boys waiting for us there, eager to receive from the Lord.  Our team used various fun and interactive dramas to teach about the believer’s authority in Christ and spiritual warfare.  Mark led the boys in acting out the account from the book of Acts of Paul and Silas in prison, emphasizing how their worship to the Lord changed the spiritual atmosphere around them, along with their natural circumstances.  Troy taught on what it means to have true authority, versus just power.  Theresa and Andy taught on the two kingdoms, the Kingdom of Light – God’s Kingdom, and the kingdom of darkness.  Michelle shared about practical ways in which we as Christians can fight against giving the enemy any ground in our lives!

This led into a time of corporate worship.  Then, the team taught the boys the song “You are Mighty,” along with motions Mark made up to go with the words.  The boys loved the song, and Pastor Bill left the music with one of the older boys who knows guitar.

We had it on our hearts to impart a lesson on spontaneous worship, meaning, allowing the Lord to stir our hearts such that we step out in faith and sing a new song to Him that is not written on paper. This could include singing in the Spirit, or singing out one’s adoration to the Lord from the heart.  Christy shared on this topic, which led into an activation where we invited the boys to sing out a song to the Lord, and allow Heaven’s words to fill their hearts and voices.

At first, all were very shy, but finally, one brave young boy sang out a song to the Lord from his heart.  The presence of the Lord increased, and our very own Andy Sommers was also handed the microphone to sing out a song to the Lord from his heart, as an encouragement to the boys that all can do this.  After Andy sang, another boy stepped out in faith and sang a song to the Lord all by himself – no music, no written words.  Tears flowed down his cheeks as he felt the presence and love of Father God.  Everyone in the room joined in, and it was a powerful time of worship to the King.

Afterwards, Pastor Bill even gave a few of the guys guitar lessons, much to their delight! Then, our contact encouraged the team to teach one of our evangelistic dramas to the boys so that they could use it on their own outreaches.  We all laughed heartily together as the boys took turns trying to act out the parts of Jesus, man, and satan in one of our dramas – “Torn Between Two Worlds.”  It was an amazing time of fellowship and impartation with more of God’s precious children.