Outbreak of Fire and the Father´s Love at Bola de Neve Church

The anointing kept increasing as the worship team and the congregation pursued the Lord. As she was laying face-down on the floor, Pastor Mary Pat had a vision. In the vision, she was looking down on a map of Brazil and fissures and cracks showed up on the map. The whole land began to shake. Then, she was able to see below the earth that there was a strong move of the fire of the Lord´s awakening that was causing the tremors and quaking. This will come through those whose hearts are pure before the Lord and through true humility. When Pastor Mary Pat shared this with the congregation, they erupted in a chorus of agreement.

Pastor Bill spent time sharing about the difference of our little kingdom versus the Kingdom of God. The audience was very touched as he imparted about how to receive from their good Father as sons and daughters. In this season, the Lord is really releasing the spirit of adoption over His people so that we can approach Him through the throne of grace. The crowd laughed as Pastor Bill demonstrated the difference between walking a “tight rope” of our faith as opposed to being guided by our loving Father. Then, Pastor Bill sang songs of breakthrough over them. As hearts were being healed, people began to receive physical healing as Pastor Mary Pat prayed over the congregation. Many began to stand up and testify that they were healed. Colds, coughs, sinusitis, and chest pain disappeared as Holy Spirit continued to move. When Pastor Mary Pat began praying for a release of fire and passion over those present, a holy chaos occurred as people were crying and falling down in the Presence of the Lord! Afterwards, one woman came forward to share with Pastor Bill that after 13 years of carrying some wounds in her heart, she was able to receive healing. It was very good to meet our new friend, Pastor Mateus, and to hear his heart for his church and to see him stirred up to see even more increase in his church. Our God is so good!