Our Children’s Home in Rajahmundry, India – God’s Treasure

At last, we arrived at Frontline Ministries International’s Children’s Home of Rajahmundry, India! Our precious children greeted us with big smiles, garlands of flowers, and even several English worship songs that they had prepared for our arrival. The children hugged “Papa Bill” and “Mama Mary Pat” as each came forward to greet them. Much to the excitement of the children, Papa Bill sang a song for them and then began to teach each child how to play his guitar.  Pastor Mary Pat spoke of the life we have in Jesus and how to increase in the Lord. Some who had not received Jesus as Lord, prayed for salvation right there. Then, the team released life-giving prophetic words over many of the children. This was our first time to meet with our children in the new house that Frontline had built for them. Overall, it was a wonderful reunion with the children we had met last year and also great to meet some of the children for the first time.