Open House at the Church

Over the past two weeks, our team has been increasingly encouraged by the changes we have witnessed in the Heliopolis community, especially in the demeanor of the children.  Some of the adults here have even remarked how different the children are when our team comes as well as after we leave – especially that the children are kinder toward one another and seem happier.

On Monday, our team went out to invite specific women to join us for a time of discipling.  We ended up with a group of four teenage girls, and, with the help of our translator, Nikki, Theresa, and Tiana were able to lead a discussion which helped the girls to open up about deep personal needs and problems, and culminated in intense prayer and personal ministry. We are so excited to see God open up the doors so that we can effectively minister to true needs.

In the evening, while a few members of our team were attending the Christian business conference, we opened up the church doors at 7:00PM to anyone who wanted to come in. We ended up with a lot of children! We invited them to dance with the dance team, and it was so amazing to see the concentration and peace on the faces of the children as they repeated two worship dances again and again. We also had Peter set up to draw the faces of children, as he has a talent in capturing faces. The children intently watched him draw, and were overjoyed to receive their own portrait with their name written on it. God is truly working in their hearts!