Nyengne Testimony

During our time of sharing on Thursday afternoon, Datouri, a church leader at Nyengne, shared the following testimony.  Prior to 2009, a team from FMI came to Nyengne village, well known for its Juju practices.  After the Gospel being preached and salvation, healing and deliverance occurring, a church began to take form.  In 2009, Pastors Bill and Mary Pat with a team returned to Nyengne to see the church development and again preach the Gospel and minister to Balara, the head Juju priest.  After presenting Jesus to Balara, he did not want to surrender his life and practices to Jesus Christ.  It was on this trip that Pastors Bill and Mary Pat contracted malaria.  After their miraculous healing and recovery, they returned to Ghana in 2010 and ministeredm in Nyengne and to Balara again.  The village responded to the power of the Gospel as many were saved, healed of malaria and other illnesses, and delivered.
This time they felt an urgency to implore Balara to give up his Juju practices and surrender his life to Christ.  He refused.  In the fall of 2010, we found out that Balara died.  Datouri further shared with us the amazing continuation of the story.  There were 3 head Juju priests practicing in Nyengne, with Balara being number one.  Since his death, the other two Juju priests have also died!  The eldest son of Balara, attempting to take over the Juju practices, is currently sick “lying down” and “vomiting blood”.  The son of
the second Juju priest, attempted to take over his father’s practices and idols.  He has “not been able to” and has “ran away” from Juju and “run to the church”!  There is also a man there who leads “the dwarf festival” which we are told is big in Northern Ghana.  This celebrates occult practices tied to dwarf idols and “charming” people.  This man has also “run away and run to the church”!  How God is destroying the works of the devil and establishing His Kingdom in Nyengne and beyond!!