Ntlamwana – Outpouring of God’s Love and Power!

After so many were saved and healed last night, we had high expectations for what God was going to do tonight. We set-up our lights and instruments for a crusade, and the crowd grew as we worshipped to African beats provided by our friend Jimmy at the keyboard. Feeling led to go in a bit of a different direction tonight, Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Jose got up to preach before we presented dramas or dances. Together, they shared a powerful message that captivated the crowd. When the team got up to demonstrate more of God’s character through dramas and dances, the people were hungry for more. The whole village readily accepted Jesus as Lord, and His healing power began to flow freely. One older woman who had been blind in her right eye for over 8 years began to see light after Pastor Mary Pat prayed for her. After more prayer, she could see Pastor Mary Pat’s bright, shining face and the form of her hand! It was certainly a night of miracles!