No You Can’t Cancel the Crusade – Breakthrough Leads to Many Saved, Healed, and Freed

Our team could tell early in the evening it was going to be a night of breakthrough for the Gaza region because of the opposition we faced getting to our crusade site. Pastor Jose let us know that the local officials were saying we couldn’t do a crusade in the area. As a team, we loaded the bus in faith and unified in prayer, trusting God for a change. After just a few minutes, we got word that were given permission to do the crusade! We left promptly, but got stuck in deep sand three times as we attempted to get to the site. After more prayer, digging, and pushing, we finally arrived and were met by lots of smiling children ready to dance! Some of our team danced with them and released great love as others quickly set up for the film we were going to show. The people were excited and ready to watch the Magdalena film.

Afterwards, Pastor Mary Pat gave a compelling Gospel message as she walked through the crowd. Over 130 people responded to receive Christ as Savior, including 36 who literally stepped out of darkness and into light, as they emerged from behind bushes and across the road. The night ended with 15 people responding to healing and 90 people coming forward to renounce witchcraft. One woman came up to testify that she had been healed of six years of pain in her reproductive system. We later found out that she had been a witch doctor in the region, but after receiving this healing, she joined in the prayer to renounce witchcraft! We give God glory for using us in this way to bring healing to the sick and release to the captives!