No More Cane! Baptism in Holy Spirit! Yay!

Tuesday was an amazing day! We went to the staff meeting at the Iris children’s home in Matola Rio. When we first arrived, everyone appeared to need encouragement from the Spirit. As we did our “A Little Longer” dance, people began to be refreshed by the worship dance. This led into inviting all the leaders to soak and rest in the Lord’s presence.  After some slight hesitation, all of them joined us in soaking and all received from the Lord! Andy then gave an explanation of being baptized in the Spirit and asked if any of them wanted to be filled with the Spirit. Almost immediately every hand in the place shot up. They all prayed to receive Holy Spirit and everyone in the meeting was praying in tongues! It was amazing!

After the meeting ended, one woman named Cedilia was lingering. Cedilia had not been able to walk without her cane for the past 5 years. As some of the team prayed, she began to walk without her cane! As she walked she became increasingly stronger and even shoved away the people stabilizing her so she could walk completely on her own! Praise God!