Nhabete – Jesus is Here!

We ventured several hours north this morning and landed at Pastor Danesio’s church in Nhabete. Sixty church members and locals greeted us as we began to set up for crusade. With joy and laughter the crowd watched as we led an exciting dance competition. A handful of brave children came up and followed the dance moves our team performed. Each had a big smile on their faces as they received their participation prizes of belts, shoes, and capalanas. After the dances, dramas, and film, Carly expressed the need to say “Yes” to Jesus and ask Him to be Lord and Savior of our hearts. Eleven people came up and received Jesus into their lives for the first time! Then, Troy had a prophetic word about people having problems sleeping at night due to nightmares. Five people came up to be freed from this during prayer. This night was building up to something big God wanted to do the next night!