New Song Released, Atmosphere of Glory

Sunday evening, Pastor Mary Pat, Tiana, Ines, and Pastor Dirceu visited Verbo Vivo, a church with 2000 people pastored by Apostles Pastor João Staub and his wife, Pastor Érika Staub. When we arrived, the worship team was playing and people were worshipping. The atmosphere was already thick with the Lord´s presence. Pastor Mary Pat delivered a powerful message and the people flooded to the front when there was a call to receive more of His Presence. The worship band began to play again, but all, except the keyboardist, went down under the power of Holy Spirit as Pastor Mary Pat prayed for them. Pastor Mary Pat exhorted the congregation to just receive from the Lord and to sing their own worship song to Him. Pastor Mary Pat walked through the crowd, praying for people as she went.

While she was praying and the worship team was playing again, Apostle João came back up on the stage and encouraged his congregation to receive Pastor Mary Pat´s word about singing out a new song to heart. He then encouraged them again to sing out in their own song. This time is was a even greater rising of people singing out, praying out, and praying in tongues. The atmosphere was so thick with His glory. People were just worshipping and receiving, eyes closed, hands raised. Pastor Mary Pat went through the crowd loving on and praying for people as they worshipped. When worship was over, there were some people that came to her to receive prayer for various things. A woman with a broken arm came forward for prayer. She fell down under the power of Holy Spirit and cried out in pain. When she was picked up, Pastor Mary Pat began speaking life and peace over her body. As peace descended, the woman testified that all the pain was gone! Many people received prayer for more fire and for healing from emotional pain/hurts. At the end of the service, Apostle João humbly asked for prayer as well. Pastor Mary Pat prophesied over him. Afterwards, he testified that her words were 100% accurrate and received the increase that the Lord was releasing in the Spirit. It was a very good night!