Mozambique- Saturday, July 14

This afternoon we had a sweet time of fellowship with the children, Pastor Fernanado, and his wife Amelia during lunch at the children’s home. The children led out in beautiful singing and we joined in with their worship. After visiting and worshiping together, Frontline blessed the children with a color-your-own-backpack and “The Father’s Heart” letter translated into Portuguese. The children expressed such pure gratitude and it was very clear that they felt very special and delighted to receive these simple gifts.

In the evening, the team traveled to a school area near the church in Maluana to hold a crusade. More than 200 people were in attendance to hear the good news about Jesus in spite of the chilly wind. The dance team performed “I Just Wanna Say” with the joy of the Lord in their hearts. We then demonstrated how the enemy seeks to bring torment through our emotions- especially anger, depression and pride- but Jesus died on the cross to set us free utilizing the Emotions drama. We then showed the Magdalena Film, a re-telling of the Jesus Film from the viewpoint of Mary Magdalene. Pastor Mary Pat then powerfully preached on the power and love of Jesus to set every person free. Virtually every person came forward to receive salvation in Jesus- it was miraculous!  Andy then preached about God’s ability to free people from witchcraft. Again most of the people came forward to renounce witchcraft and to be set free from the residual sickness and torment.

The team’s new friend Virgilio received greater freedom tonight from darkness and a significant increase in his vision. He also said that he felt like a weight had been lifted off his heart. Virgilio told us he received word earlier in the day that his daughter, who was also beginning to show signs of the generational vision problem was also freed as a result of the prayer time and Virgilio renouncing darkness.

At the end of the night, Tiana and Denny prayed for a young girl around 12 named Cynthia who had problems with her hearing. After prayer, she experienced a 50% improvement in her hearing. Troy also prayed for a young man named Lorenzo who experienced healing in his leg. It was an amazing night of the healing delivering power of Jesus!