More Release and Revelation in the Morning

Worship at Pastor Dirceu’s church was incredible this morning! There was such an overflow of the Lord’s presence from the night before. Tom shared further from John 12 about being the seed that dies in the earth in order to lift up Jesus, which will draw all people to Himself. Satan is now defeated. Troy shared from John 15 on exchanging our “good” plans/ideas for His plans, which leads to great fruit in our lives. This process of pruning by the Father releases more vision and fruitfulness. Also, the revelation that God is our friend and that He loves us so much and desires to reveal Himself/His plans to us brought more freedom to all present.

Then, Jill shared a vision that the Lord gave her of the Lion of Judah roaring down the streets of Heliopolis and the enemy being shaken, and how the same Lion is in all of us. Mike led in worship with both English and Portuguese songs. This transitioned to a time of ministry with people asking the Lord to reveal any branch in us that needed pruning and stepping into being a “Friend of God”. One especially delightful experience took place when 3 year-old David, son of Pastor Sergio and Simone, anointed Troy and Tom with oil and prayed for them. David had been healed of a heart condition after Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat prayed for him two years ago…so amazing to see this mighty warrior growing up in the Spirit! The two services brought a fresh connection in the Spirit between our two bodies. We are family with the same Spirit and the same heart.