More House to House Ministry

On Saturday night, we sent a small group out to go door-to-door in Heliopolis. There were many people out during this night. The first person that we encountered was a drunk woman whose name was Silvia. We asked if she had any family that needed prayer and she said that her cousins had recently lost their father. We visited their house and they did not wish to talk to our team so instead we jumped into a powerful time of prayer for Silvia. She had a leg and arm injury from an automobile accident and after we prayed for healing she said she felt a “lighter load”. We also released a picture over her about her embracing Jesus in a white robe. She was very touched by this and our other directed prayers. When we finished praying, she told us that she really needed to hear what we spoke to her. We also asked if she had a Bible and she said she wanted us to help her find a chapter to start reading. We encouraged her to read the entire book of John.

We also met a store owner and began to talk to him. He was struggling with alcoholism and a separation with his wife. He said that those events had led him to a place where he was questioning God and was no longer attending church. After several team members prayed over him, his attitude began to change. When we left, he said that he believes that he will have a testimony to share with us the next time we meet.