Monday January 28: Children’s Program begins and Ministry in City of God!

Today began our children and teen program starting with ministry in Heliopolis in the morning and then heading to city of God in the afternoon. As we came downstairs from the mission house and entered the sanctuary of Casa De Jesus, we could see the excited children waiting to enter the building. Today, there ended up being a total of 21 children.  Each day of the program has a specific topic for teaching and today Ashley and Tiana taught on the topic of salvation.  They spoke to the children about salvation being a gift from God that we all can receive. They used John 3:16 to talk about Jesus paying the price for the gift and because of His great Love He gave His life for them.  At the end of the message they invited all the children to join in a prayer of salvation.

After the lesson, the children are split up in groups and head to either soaking time or craft time.  Today’s craft consisted of a gospel bracelet, which had various colors that represented different aspects of the gospel. The children learned that as they wear their bracelets, they can use them to share the gospel with their friends and family.

As we entered into the City of God children where tagging along with us on the way to the church ready and excited to see what they would learn and experience.  A total of 46 children and 8 teenagers joined us there for the program.  Children heard the Gospel message of salvation, made the multi-colored bracelets to reinforce the message and experienced His presence during soaking time.

Every Monday evening, the City of God branch of Casa De Jesus has a church service. Tonight, we had the privilege to split up and help lead both the adult service and the children’s service. As Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat were heading to the evening service, the Lord touched the heart of their Uber driver Gisela and she gave her life to Jesus! She ended up staying for the service and gave her testimony to the adult service!!  Meanwhile the children were in the Frontline Center of Worship across the alley.  Joshua was encouraging the children that they not only have natural senses, but spiritual senses as well. As an example of using their spiritual ears to hear the voice of the Lord, twice he had two children stand back to back and ask the Lord for a special word of encouragement for each other. In the second group, one little boy said that the Lord told him that the girl he was encouraging needed to start studying so that she could become doctor.  She was so encouraged because she said this was a dream in her heart that she had never told anyone!

As we were loading in the van to head back to the mission house, Amanda had her hand shut in the van door.  When the team agreed with Pastor Mary Pat in prayer, her hand was instantly healed!  Then when we were getting out of the van Daniel twisted his ankle. Some members of the team surrounded him with prayer and as they were walking to the house, Joshua was singing and continuing to pray for him. Suddenly Daniel stopped and tested his ankle and began to jump up and down praising Jesus!  The pain was completely gone!